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Selected work
Planet FWD
Reimagining a carbon tracking tool for better comprehension & scalability
Building an app that helps you find and share places within a trusted network
Meal Hero
Making the meal planning process more flexible for families
Revamping the onboarding experience of a product adoption platform
Coaching teams on meeting communication with data-driven reports
Fridge to Table
Helping home cooks find recipes to make with ingredients they already have
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I’m Linda, a product designer who has spent the last 7+ years bringing products from zero to one by navigating ambiguity, making sense of complexity, and partnering cross-functionally to deliver elegant, research-driven solutions. I believe everything is designed, purposefully or not - and I hope to bring more intention and values-driven decision making to product design to create a more joyful, communitarian and climate-friendly world.

At work, I value flexibility, autonomy, and efficiency, and thrive in low-hierarchy, collaborative environments that celebrate life beyond the 9 to 5, and teams that continuously show care and commitment to improvement. I actively seek challenges - to learn, grow, test my assumptions and expand my knowledge and skills.

Catch me off-screen spending time in nature, exploring the world, working with my hands, growing/making/eating food, and dreaming of building my own tiny house and off-grid permaculture homestead.

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