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Revamping the onboarding experience of a product adoption platform to reduce confusion and increase the activation rate between account creation and starting a trial.


Chameleon is a product adoption platform that helps companies build custom in-app experiences like product tours and surveys without needing code. The activation rate between signing up for the platform and starting a trial was low. Only a fraction of signups went on to interact with the “Playground,” a place to demo the product without downloading the browser extension and installing any code. Of those, about half went on to start a trial, and the conversion rate to paid plans was very low. We went through several iterations of this project where the scope evolved over time. We tested a few small changes, and based on those insights as well as other strategic factors, decided to re-design the experience more broadly. The deliverables shown are the designs created before I rolled off the project.

Problem & GOal

The onboarding experience was confusing, with no visual hierarchy or clear next steps - some pages were locked without explanation, and most users didn’t understand the purpose of the Playground page and Sandbox environment. By reducing confusion and moments of friction, we could help users get to the ‘aha moment’ as quickly as possible (understanding the value of Chameleon), and thus increase activation rate between signup and starting a trial.



Make the order and completion of sections more obvious with a stepped out flow and progress bar. Reduced the number of options shown at a time and removed extraneous actions to reduce cognitive load.

Simplified the installation flow with a high level, clear and concise overview that allows you to invite an engineer to help with the installation without showing information that might be irrelevant or confusing.

Consolidated the installation and setup flow into a single stepped-out experience. Designed a more obvious and illustrative call-to-action to install the extension and removed steps that weren't essential to the installation process.